What We Can Learn from United Airlines About Customer Service

You could say that pulling a paying customer out of his seat and dragging him off the plane is the ultimate in bad customer service.

Obviously, United Airlines is addressing this in more ways than one. (An impending lawsuit will do that - which was settled out of court.)

But what caused this to get so out of hand? How could this have been prevented? What’s the absolute worst occurrence that could happen in your organization that can be compared to United’s debacle - and how can you avoid it?

Your First Step to Solving Customer Complaints

Part of great customer service is dealing with customer complaints - unless you don’t have any (yea right!?).

What business doesn’t have a problem or “misunderstanding” from time to time?  

In the dry cleaning industry, you get a lot of practice at problem-solving.  Industry statistics show that 90% of the problems are either a result of the customer or the manufacturer.